Aquabot Pool Rover Jr Review

Aquabot Pool Rover Jr

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Aquabot Pool Rover Jr Review

Without performing regular pool maintenance, your above ground pool will develop an unhealthy level of dirty-looking and uninviting water. Not to mention the fact that forgetting or ignoring the necessary cleaning of the water in the pool will have a negative impact on the pool’s equipment.

In spite of the fact that all pool owners are well aware of these facts, most of them do not have the time to tend to their above ground swimming pools. Consequentially, the performance and integrity of the pool is impacted severely, sometimes to the extent that the pool cannot be used after a few months.

For those of you who simply do not have the time to perform pool maintenance on your above ground pools (or just grew tired of it), there is a solution: the Aquabot Pool Rover Junior. Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner. As you probably guessed from its name, one of the cleaning products which is the latest above ground pool cleaner innovation, courtesy of Aqua Products.

Designed to handle any shape and size of pool, this pool cleaner, ensures an efficient functioning of the filtration system as well as prolongs its lifespan. But that is not the only thing that deems this automatic pool cleaner as a must-have device for above ground swimming pool owners, as you will discover from this guide.

Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover Junior Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner


The APRVJR Aquabot Pool Rover Jr. Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner is among the most appreciated cleaning products on the market. There are numerous satisfied customers that have consistently awarded this model with relatively high ratings, and that includes us as well.

Rover Junior’s Advantages

Even the most advanced pool cleaners with hoses present several major drawbacks. First of all, in order to clean your above ground pool they will need to operate the filtration system for longer and you will have to employ their help more often like when you use a pool vacuum.

In addition, the frequency of changing the filter media is rather high and you will still need to treat the pool’s water with the necessary chemicals. In short, the pool cleaners with hoses cost you more time and money.

This automatic pool cleaner’s role is to eliminate all the aforementioned limitations and permit you to save water, energy, time, chemicals and the environment at the same time. Let’s summarize the advantages of owning this pool cleaner:

  • It does not necessitate installation, as it operates as a plug and play device
  • It incorporates large wheels able to roll over ripples, raised drains and footprints so you will never have to worry about it getting stuck
  • The Rover Junior is self-contained, meaning that it integrates its own pump, filtration system and pool vacuums (hence, it will not utilize your pool’s filtration system)
  • It is designed to clean the floor of any size and shape of above ground pool, thanks to its easy guidance system
  • The cleaner’s powerful circulation and 2 micron filtration ensures the health of the water in the swimming pool
  • It is highly efficient in cleaning pool floors and can handle anything from palm trees leaves to pollen and pine needles
  • Saves you time, as not only does it take pool care for you, but this pool cleaner itself requires little maintenance (essentially, you will never have to replace pads, belts, bearings, winds and diaphragms ever again)
  • Reduces the costs of above ground swimming pools’ maintenance to 50%
  • While the Rover Junior’s routine maintenance takes around 30 minutes, rest assured it makes certain the water in your pool will be healthy, crystal clear and inviting

Tips on how to use the Rover Junior

At this point, I believe we can agree that the main advantage of owning a pool cleaner comprises of the fact that it will take on all the hard work you normally have to do around the pool.

However, if you want to continue to enjoy the spare time, it is necessary that you check its condition before and during usage. Before you panic, take note that this task will not take too long (simple observations) and implies checking the suction capacity and the cleaner bag.

The best way to test the suction is when this automatic pool cleaner is already in the water: simply take place your hand below the surface of the water, right underneath the cleaner. If the suction feels weak, then it is most probably due to the presence of a clog or it means that the cleaner bag is full.

If you let Rover clean the bottom of your pool with a full bag, then expect to see debris behind it.


Are you tired of spending all your summer weekends pool cleaning up and preparing a safe, alluring environment for your loved ones? Does pool maintenance eat up all the free time from your already tight schedule?

To keep our pools clean, we also need to maintain them correctly. Then, perhaps it is time to check out one of the ground breaking innovations in above ground pool cleaning, the Aqua Products APRVJR Aquabot Pool Rover Jr. Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner. Durable, resilient, efficient and versatile – this is your pool’s best friend! Just like we are here at HQ Pools.

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