Cleaning Above Ground Swimming Pools

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Cleaning Above Ground Swimming Pools

You have just got your brand new Best Above Ground Swimming Pool. It is set up in the ideal location, being used by everyone.

After few days, you observe that the water is not as clean as it used to be. Also, those swimming there are complaining about skin irritation, eyes burning etc. What could be wrong?

A Swimming pool is enjoyable only when it is maintained well. Especially, cleaning it regularly is very important.

In-ground swimming pools are cleaned regularly, thanks to their construction type which allows setting-up automatic cleaning mechanisms and filters permanently. This means, maintenance is minimal. Even without you realizing it, water in the environment gets cleaned regularly.

Above Ground Swimming Pools are small in size. Also, they are made with minimal set-up. Hence, cleaning it requires additional steps and equipment that need to be used in order to keep them clean and well maintained. Use this guide to know this process and keep your swimming pool healthy.

Why Clean Your Pool at All?

There are various reasons why you should clean your Above Ground Swimming Pools. For example:

  • Due to continuous use, the water gathers various kinds of dirt. This gets settled in the bottom of the pool and needs cleaning
  • Due to improper use of chemicals, water creates irritation to skin, eyes
  • Water looks cloudy
  • Algae growth is observed
  • Filter is not able to function effectively due to clogging of dirt there

Like this, there can be many reasons. It is important that you continuously observe the water and the surface of the pool to decide when it needs cleaning.

Regular Cleaning

As per the schedule indicated by the manufacturer, you can clean the pool once every few days, even if you don’t see any issues in the water. This ensures that the water is always clean and ready for swimming.

Each Above Ground Swimming Pool is shaped and created differently. Hence, they are also cleaned differently. Refer the guide from your manufacturer to know the exact procedure to be followed for cleaning it.

In addition to regular cleaning, it may be necessary to clean the pool when you see any of the issues indicated above. Urgency of this will depend on the seriousness of the issue. Also, the method followed for cleaning will depend on the issue encountered. We will see certain general types of issues and how they can be resolved.

It is important that you keep track of these Ad-hoc cleaning tasks and think about why this issue was not addressed in the regular cleaning. This may mean adding a new step in the regular cleaning process, For example, checking pH level of water.


Cleaning of Above Ground Swimming Pools requires the right tools. For example, your going to need a specialized pool vacuum cleaner, with its special fittings. We will speak about this later. At this moment, be aware that tools are to be procured and kept ready for making the process fast and complete. If right tools are not present, an issue may take too long to get resolved, spoiling the swimming experience.

Some of the general tools used for cleaning the Above Ground Swimming Pools include:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Filters
  • Adapters
  • Hose
  • Broom
  • Pool stick
  • Cleaning liquids
  • Brushes
  • Testing devices such as pH monitors, thermometers etc.

Depending on the material used to make your Swimming Pool, these tools may vary. Refer to your manufacturer’s document for further details on this.

Using a Broom

Not all issues in a swimming pool need fancy equipment to fix. You can solve certain basic problems with a broom.

For example, when you see visible dirt at the bottom of the pool, just pick up the broom, move those dirt particles slowly towards the skimmer.

Once these dirt particles reach the skimmer, you can unhook the skimmer and suck up the trash. This quickly removes the dirt and keeps your swimming pool clean.

Remember, this trick won’t work for all kinds of dirt. But, as a quick clean method, use it when it is necessary.

Vacuuming Your Pool

Most of the issues listed above can be solved by vacuuming your swimming pool. For this you need to follow certain distinct steps so that the process is effective and cleans the dirt. We have a list of the best pool cleaners here.

For this, we need to be extremely patient. The initial steps can be done quickly, after that complete cleaning needs to be done.

  • First, take your vacuum head and attach a pool stick to it. This stick is used to reach all corners of the pool easily. Make sure you get a pool stick of the right size
  • Next, take the vacuum hose and attach it to the vacuum head. Once again, make sure that the vacuum hose is of right size, because it has to reach the entire pool. This is obviously different for in ground pool cleaners
  • Now, put the vacuum head in the water. Make sure all the hose goes inside the water
  • In the end of the hose, attach the adapter required to connect it to the return jet
  • Now, connect the adapter to the return jet and switch it on. You can see that it forces water into the hose. It will make the vacuum head float in the water. After sometime, it will go inside the water
  • Wait for few minutes and then disconnect the hose from the return jet, immediately bring it over the water surface and connect it to the skimmer. This makes the hose suck down and clean
  • Make sure the water is circulating in the expected manner
  • You can start vacuuming now. Reach every part of the pool where the dirt may be settled. Vacuum sucks the water from the bottom of the pool, sends it to the filter

This is an effective process which removes most of the dirt from your pool. This has to be repeated every few days as per needed.

TIP: Use a good pool cover to help keep dirt and debris out when you’re not using your pool.

Keep Track of Your Cleaning Schedule

It is recommended that you keep a log book where you mark every cleaning done for your pool. This will help you see any patterns and take necessary actions.

Follow the right cleaning solutions and maintain a good schedule for cleaning. This will ensure your Swimming Pool is in action for many years.

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