Intex 10-Foot by 30-Inch Ocean Reef Easy Set Pool Review

Intex Ocean Reef Easy Set Pool – The Perfect Gift for the Summer

This may be one of the best gifts you can give your children for the summer. The Intex 10-Foot by 30-Inch Ocean Reef Easy Set Pool comes with a nice design, which will make things even more fun than you thought possible. This above ground pool is cheap, easy to set up and durable. It is perfect for children that are 6 years old or more and it can even be a nice place for adults to relax on a hot summer weekend. It is safe, large enough to fit 4-5 kids at once and you can set it up in just under an hour.

Intex 10-Foot by 30-Inch Ocean Reef Easy Set Pool Review

 Pros – Excellent for Medium-Sized Homes

The Intex Easy Set Pool is perfect for any backyard because of its reasonable size. It is also one of the easiest to set up. It takes only 10 minutes to get it ready without including the time needed to fill it with water.

Cons – More Than You Would Expect

Surprisingly, there are no downsides to this Intex Easy Set pool. I say surprisingly because this is a cheap product that could easily fit two adults and two children with room to spare. For that size and that small of a price you would expect it to be poorly made or to deteriorate in less than a year. That could not be farther away from the truth.

Setting Up – Go the Extra Mile with the Prep Work

As with all Intex products, the setting up process for the Intex pool is very easy. The hardest part will probably be the prep work regarding the terrain on which the pool is going to stay. This is actually the most important part of the setting-up process because an uneven surface can damage your above ground pool.

Even if this Intex Ocean Reef Easy Set Pool is cheap, there is no point in ruining it with something that can easily be fixed. The reason this Intex easy set pool could deteriorate is because an uneven surface will not allow equal weight distribution within the pool. Because this particular model does not come with metal reinforcement details, the shape of the whole thing will change creating the possibility of rapid deterioration.

Personal Experience – A Pool Worth Considering

The Intex Easy Set pool is actually one of my favorite above-ground pools. That is not because I tried it out, but because my children love it. We had a lot of similar products around over the past years since I decided to start doing theses reviews. Both my kids said that this is a really nice improvement from all the other manufacturers.

They could not quite put their finger on what makes it different, but I guess the feeling they had was hard to explain. It was obvious that they had a lot of fun with it. I kept it around for a year and it is still looking great even after being used on a daily basis. In terms of technical details I must say that I could not see any problems with the actual pool. I knew there was a chance for the filter to die quicker than expected, but that did not happen either. The overall feel of the Intex above ground pool is that it is a great and most importantly cheap product that has a lot to offer.

Tips – Invest in Your Purchase

There are a few things you can do to improve this Intex pool. Cost wise the difference will not be that big and the extra effort will be worth it.

Start with a new cover that will keep the water clean and also warm. Invest in a bigger solar cover because you might be able to use it with a bigger above ground pool just in case you want a bit more space. You should also invest in a set of test strips or an entire pool kit to check the pH levels. Remember that your kids will be playing a lot in this pool and that you can easily prolong the life of this swimming pool by keeping a balanced chlorine level.

Verdict – Smart Shopping

This Intex swimming pool is definitely a good buy. It provides a safe and durable environment for your children to play in and it does not deteriorate with time. Investing in this Intex Easy Set Pool will really pay off.


The Intex Easy Set Pool is a decently priced kids’ pool that will put a smile on your little ones’ faces as soon as they see how nice it looks.

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