Intex 15 Foot by 42 Inch Round Metal Frame Pool Set Review


Even though everyone would love to spend torrid summer afternoons lounging around a swimming pool, most cannot afford such an investment. In certain cases, homeowners who can afford to invest in a swimming pool simply do not possess the necessary space in their backyard. Luckily, there is a solution for both those with a tight budget or a limited space in the back garden: purchasing an above ground swimming pool.

Back in the days, the above ground pools presented several drawbacks most people could not ignore, namely the low quality of the materials and overall unaesthetic appearance. However, it is necessary to mention that above ground swimming pools of today are far from that. Combining durability, quality and great looks, all at an attractive price, the 15×42 pool from top manufacturer Intex is just what the doctor ordered. Let’s take a look at the features that recommend this round metal frame above ground swimming pool.

Intex 15 Foot by 42 Inch Round Metal Frame Pool Set


The 15’x42″ Intex pool enjoys a good reputation among consumers who gave it a rating of 4 out of 5 stars on most specialized websites. Essentially, the complaints regarding this pool are associated with leaks and perhaps this is why it did not receive the maximum rating. However, it is important to note that the number of customers complaining about leaks is rather low and their issues are most likely related to not respecting the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Site Preparation

Considering that the vast majority of problems reported for this swimming pool are leaks caused by the improper selection of the surface where it should be placed, here is a quick guide on correcting site preparation. As the manufacturer clearly points out, failure to select an appropriate site for the pool can have negative consequences, such as collapsing, injury and property damage.

First of all, you need to make sure that the site you chose for the pool is at an optimal distance from doors, barriers and windows, so that they are be easily opened and closed. Setting up the above ground swimming pool at a minimum of 4 feet away from any objects around it represents a surefire way to keep small children from gaining access into the pool unsupervised.

In addition, the surface where you intend to place the pool needs to be absolutely flat and firm. Placing the Intex pool on a slope or inclined surface will lead to unwanted accidents, whereas positioning it on sand, mud or loose soil is contraindicated because soft soil will not be able to withstand the pressure and weight of the pool.

Even though the 15’x42″ Intex above ground pool benefits from a sturdy galvanized steel metal frame and will not collapse that easily, it is better to not risk it. This type of incident will generally occur when you are trying to fill the pool with water. Therefore, if you notice that while filling the pool the liquid tends to flow on one side, you should immediately drain the pool and level the site again (or simply move it to a more appropriate location).

In the eventuality that you set up the Intex pool on your lawn, then you should know that chlorinated water can affect and even destroy the grass. Essentially, certain types of grass (Bermuda and St. Augustine in particular) are known to grow through the liner and are best to be avoided. On a side note, a further explanation to why you should avoid placing it directly on the lawn consists of the fact that damage done by grass growing through the liner is never covered by warranty.

Pool Liner Proper Handling

While it is true that most leakage problems appear due to incorrect site selection, at times the causes for leaks come from the simple mistakes people make during the installation. While it is true that this Intex pool is easy to install, it is advisable that you ask for assistance particularly when you are handling the liner. More often than not, dragging the pool’s liner across the ground is a surefire way to get it damaged.

Frame Assembly Tip

Many customers have reported they had trouble with completing the last joint connection during the frame assembly. However, the trick here is to raise the last joint at approximately 5 centimeters and then slowly put it down; if you do that, the respective beam will easily slide right in.


The 15’x42″ Intex pool is convenient, easy and quick to install, affordable and ideal for homeowners with limited space in their backyard. In addition, if you respect the minimum requirements for installation and make sure you perform regular maintenance, you can be certain to enjoy it for many years!

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