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Intex Ultra XTR Reviews


Among homeowners and experts alike, the in-ground pools held the great advantage of adding value to a home. In addition, the nature of the in-ground swimming pools was perceived as a major benefit because it did not limit the homeowner from landscaping the backyard the way he saw fit.

Basically, the appearance was considered a fundamental drawback of above ground pools and was the primary reason why most people preferred to invest in their in-ground counterparts.

However, did you know that both of the aforementioned advantages are nowadays associated with above ground pools as well?

While it is true that above ground pools were not so appealing to the eye a few years ago, now they are available in a classy, fashionable look that allows for a wide array of landscaping and adds value to your property.

Not only that, these days he best above ground pools are manufactured from durable materials so hey can last twenty years or more. Above ground pools are no longer considered a cheap option for those who can’t afford an inground pool, or just don’t want the extra costs associated with them.

Perhaps one of the most appreciated pools on the market, the Intex 18′ x 52″ Ultra Frame Round Pool meets the modern above ground pool standards of today. Let’s explore the attributes that make this pool stand out in the crowd.

INTEX Ultra XTR Pool Set
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Since Intex is synonymous with quality above ground swimming pools able to fit each backyard size and budget, this model does not represent an exception either. Overall, the Intex Ultra Frame 18 x 52 Pool  has a good reputation among customers, rated at four out of five stars on specialty sites.

One of the explanations as to why it did not receive the maximum rating resides in the fact that some users confuse the easy assembly with the time the pool needs to be filled with water (90% capacity).

In other words, while it may take you less than an hour to set the pool up, it is possible that you need to wait 24 hours until the pool is filled with water.

Aesthetics of the Intex Ultra Frame Pool

If you have been shopping around for an above ground pool, then you probably noticed that the vast majority of pools on the market are round. Their frequency can be attributed to the properties of the shape, as the circle is the most efficient structural form that can ensure an even distribution of the forces around the pool’s perimeter.

In addition, a rounded above ground swimming pool will typically be much easier to assemble since most of them do not necessitate mechanical bracing.

Considering the aforementioned facts, at this point you might be wondering about the purpose of rectangular shaped above ground pools. More often than not, homeowners who do not have too much available space in their backyard can fit a rectangular pool easier in that limited area.

Furthermore, these types of above ground pools best suit the needs of people who enjoy doing swimming laps or those who like to play various water games (pool volleyball for instance).

In spite of the fact that they constitute optimal choices for small, crowded back gardens and are excellent for games and laps, the rectangular pools have a bothersome drawback: they require broad bracing, particularly along its sides.

In the eventuality that the bracing is performed incorrectly, chances are that the sides will be pushed outwards by the pressure exerted in the water.


If you want to enjoy the water of your Intex easy set pool or any of the pools we’ve covered here on HQ Pools all summer long, then it is advisable to make sure you use only high purity salt (although evaporated salt is also a good option).

Granted, practically all local pool supplies stores have the de-ionized salt for saltwater pools these days. However, poor quality salt products usually incorporate several contaminants, which can affect the clarity and balance of the water.

At the same time, if you are preparing your pool for winter and need to apply treatments, it is important that you only use products with ingredients specifically designed for saltwater swimming pools.

First of all, using universal treatments is contraindicated due to the fact that they typically contain phosphorus sequestrates and sulfates that can affect the Salt Water system. In addition, given the nature of the saltwater pools, some of the ingredients can break down into compounds that promote the development of microorganisms.


The Intex Ultra Frame Pool is an excellent addition to any backyard that you can enjoy for years with minimum maintenance.

And while you may have to wait about a day to fill it up, don’t forget that its rounded shape makes the assembly a straightforward one hour job.

Add the fact that it is among the most durable above ground pools on the market as well as the great pricing – you got yourself a great bang for the buck!

Do you own this pool? Why not share your experiences here on HQ Pool? Let others know if you agree with our personal reviews on this website.

INTEX Ultra XTR Pool Set
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07/24/2022 01:45 am GMT

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