iPool 7ft x 10ft x 35.5in Above Ground Exercise Swimming Pool


While most homeowners decide to purchase a pool for entertainment and relaxation purposes, others buy it for the numerous health benefits it has to offer. Granted, swimming is generally regarded as a low impact exercise. However, because you will be using all of your limbs in different kinds of motions and virtually all your muscles are utilized when you are swimming, you can be certain to enjoy a whole body workout at the same time.

iPool Above Ground Exercise Swimming Pool Unlike the workout that you commonly perform at the local gym, swimming has the major advantage of allowing you to improve your flexibility, endurance, strength and cardiovascular system in the most enjoyable way possible. Essentially, even though your body’s capacity of optimizing the oxygen use will increase, you heart and lungs enjoy benefits of a more efficient blood flow without putting too much pressure on them. Not to mention that swimming also promotes weight loss, considering that the amount of calories consumed in a one-hour swim is equal to six hours of running.

At this point, you are probably thinking that no pool is large enough to allow for a proficient swimming session. Moreover, even if you were to opt for a larger swimming pool, you simply do not have the necessary space in your backyard. The iPool Above Ground Exercise Swimming Pool stands as proof that both statements are false. Addressing homeowners with small backyards, this innovative above ground pool represents the ultimate tool for anyone who wants to enjoy the many health benefits of swimming, as you are about to find out.


Needless to say, this ground-breaking exercise swimming pool enjoys an excellent reputation among customers. The incredible price, unique features and the vast array of health benefits yield it as best above ground pool and a well-deserved five out of five stars on most specialties review sites.

First Time Use

In the eventuality that you are unfamiliar with the concept of endless swimming pools, then using this above ground pool for the first time can be slightly confusing. Not to worry though, as following are some tips to help you get started:

exercise poolIf you do not know how to swim, then it is highly advisable to have somebody assist you the first few times; having another person support the waist line of the new swimmer will grant him more confidence and ensure he is relaxed.

New swimmers as well as first time users should always start out slow to get accustomed to the exercise pool; once they feel comfortable, they can increase the swimming speed and force gradually.

Since it is very likely that the harness will feel weird at first, it is a good idea to start performing back strokes in order to grasp its functionality.

In case you are clueless about how to swim in this exercise pool here is a short summary: stand in the middle of the exercise pool, squat down until your neck reaches the water line, relax your body so that it floats naturally and then try to move your arms and legs.

iPool’s Advantages

This above ground pool is significantly cheaper to install (you can do it yourself by following the instruction provided in the manual) and does not necessitate too much water. To put it simply, this above pool is ideal for people who want to benefit from the numerous advantages of swimming but do not have the space for building large swimming pools.

Perhaps the trump card of this above ground pool resides in the fact that its harness system spares you of the hassle of turning around. If you are a regular swimmer, then you are most likely bothered that you have to turn around just when you started to gain a little speed. However, because you do not have to decrease your swimming speed or turn around, that does not automatically mean you will be able to perform just a couple of moves. The versatile harness allows you to easily change its position, so you can perform any move you want and get the most out of any workout.


If you are thinking of getting a pool that permits you to do more than just to escape the summer heat, then the iPool Above Ground Exercise Swimming Pool constitutes your best choice. Fitting in well both indoors and outdoors, constructed from durable materials and available at an affordable price, this above ground pool can be viewed as a long term investment towards your health.

iPool Review:

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