iPool – The Latest Innovation in Resistance Swimming by FitMax Inc.

iPool is an innovative adaptation of the original endless swimming pool concept that utilizes the harness instead of the currents in order to provide resistance. FitMax is one of the well known companies in the pool and pool accessory manufacturing niche that distinguishes itself by reinventing swimming and providing customers with versatile solutions.

Even though swimming in a traditional in-ground or above-ground is an excellent exercise that strengthens the muscles and the joints, not everyone is fit enough to engage in this activity. The demographic that cannot safely and proficiently use a standard pool comprises of the elderly, small children, individuals recovering from an injury or disease (for instance, arthritis)and etc.

At the same time, the limited dimensions of the backyard constitute one of the main impediments in installing a standard size pool. All in all, the iPool by FitMax Inc. represents an excellent alternative for those of us who would love to enjoy a swim before breakfast or in the afternoon, but for one reason or another, we cannot. To illustrate this point better, let’s examine the advantages of the iPools closer.

Considerably Less Expensive than the Traditional Pools

Although you might have decided on a best above ground pool rather than an in ground version, the investment will still have a significant impact on your budget. To put it simply, the larger the pool, the more cash you will have to spend on it. The higher cost is not exclusively related to the purchase of the pool, because you also need to take into account the maintenance of the fixture, the chemicals required by the large body of water, the energy required to operate it, winterization, so on and so forth.

On the other hand, the expenses involved with the purchase and the care of the iPool are substantially lower. In other words, less water means less sanitation chemicals and less energy utilized on heating. Moreover, the iPool can be assembled and dismounted for storage easily, which means that you don’t have to spend extra on winterizing it. We’ll get back to the installation briefly, but another aspect that this guide needs to mention is that the resistance system which is based on a harness rather than water current generators is not only cheaper to manufacture but also more economical in the long run.

Seamless Installation and Disassembly of the Pool’s Components

Not only is the iPool affixed with a comprehensive installation manual that lists all the steps and the components, but the whole process is as easy as pitching a tent. In fact, the two procedures present numerous similarities and you should be able to get the iPool up and running in less than one hour. And, because it is so easy to put up and take down, you are free to relocate it anywhere and anytime you please without any hassle.

It Doesn’t Take Much Space

As mentioned in the beginning of this guide, the innovative concept behind the infinite swimming pools enables users to swim mile-long laps without moving from their original position. What this means is that you still have to beat the resistance of the water and your muscles are reproducing the swimming motion, but the adjustable harness keeps you in place. Therefore, there is no need for the pool to occupy your whole backyard: the iPool’s dimensions are even less than a standard automobile, but that will not hinder your exercise in any way.

The iPool is a Safe and Convenient Alternative

The iPool can be regarded as safe from numerous perspectives. For starters, children can swim risk free even in the absence of adult supervision because the adjustable harness eliminates all potential issues. Furthermore, joint or muscle injuries are no longer a problem, even for the elderly or individuals recovering from a movement-impairing condition. In addition to that, the concept of the iPool minimizes the stress on the ligaments proprietary to the turns and water velocity changes.

With respect to convenience, the harness of the iPool is not only adjustable in terms of body size (waist dimensions of the user can be set in the 22 to 42 inch range), but also in terms of resistance. This entails that you can gradually improve your strength and your cardiovascular system’s health at your own pace.


The iPool is the latest gadget to spring out of the brilliant minds of the designers at FitMax Inc. and it can be easily regarded as a swimming revolution. The simple installation that can be performed virtually anywhere and without the help of specialized tools, the low space requirements and the easy maintenance recommend this inexpensive solution for any swimming enthusiast, regardless of the demographic or preexisting conditions. The basic safety guidelines are listed in the manual and they are nothing more than common sense. If you are looking for way to keep your body in shape without investing a fortune in exercise equipment, then the iPool is an excellent solution.

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