What Is So Special About The iPool Above-Ground Exercise Swimming Pool?

Swimming is without a doubt one of the most proficient ways to exercise your muscles, strengthen the ligaments and improve your cardiovascular health without placing a lot of stress on your body compared to other types of fitness sports.

However, few people are fortunate enough to have the money for a standard pool or the space to install it. Does that entail that the only way they can enjoy a dip in the water is by visiting the local public pool? Not at all, there is no reason to expose your skin to the hyper-chlorinated sanitation solutions or swim in an overcrowded space when you can choose a much better alternative: the iPool.

What Exactly is the iPool?

Endless PoolIn the event that you are not familiar with the concept of endless pools, then it suffices to say that these innovative gadgets enable you to swim against a resistance factor (in this case the harness’ elasticity) within a body of water that has a volume lower than the average automobile. Therefore, even without a large basin, you will be able to execute the same movements in swimming, but the resistance maintains your body still.

On a side note, the original versions of the endless swimming pools utilized water currents for this purpose, but they were incredibly expensive. However, thanks to FitMax, water lovers have an accessible alternative in the form of the iPool. Without employing complex mechanisms that consume vast amounts of energy in order to operate, the iPool is as simple as it is brilliant.

It is also necessary to point out that the latest versions of the gadget are also equipped with pull up bars and shoulder presses that enable you to engage in a wide variety of physical exercises while taking advantage of the innate water’s stress release capabilities. At the same time, customers can also purchase the water heating utility which allows them to enjoy the iPool all year long. In essence, the iPool can be regarded as the water version of the treadmill.

What Are the Advantages of the Endless Pool?

The most important benefit of the iPool system consists of the versatility in terms of exercising. In other words, the iPool allows you to adopt numerous swimming styles as well as chin-ups, pull-ups, abdominals, etc. In addition to that, the cord’s resistance presents a high adjustability, which makes the iPool training appropriate for beginners as well as professional athletes alike. At the same time, you can tweak the resistance as your body begins to gain in strength and flexibility.

Furthermore, unlike the current-based endless pools, the iPool does not have the high power consumption setback. The electricity is only required if you plan on purchasing and acquiring the water heater, but the small body of water can be warmed quickly and inexpensively. Moreover, there is no need to add chemical solutions and the 1,500 gallons of water do not have to be replaced frequently. However, FitMax recommends changing the liner on a yearly basis and the harness once every 6 months.

Simple assembly and transportability constitute another set of benefits proprietary to the concept behind the iPool. You can even take the iPool on a camping trip, provided that you can find a leveled area and a water source to fill it. Alternatively, you can set it up in the garage or in your basement during the colder seasons. In other words, the limitations associated with traditional in-ground or above-ground pools have been successfully eliminated.


The iPool from FitMax makes an ideal present, thanks to its versatility, low-costs, limited space it occupies and convenience. Whether you plan to purchase it for yourself in order to stay in shape, utilize it as a training machine to help you achieve athletic performance or as a gift for your elder relatives, this innovative pool is an excellent all-rounded solution. Fine-tuning the resistance of the harness in accordance to your body’s capabilities is simple, the assembling/disassembling is an one-man DIY task and the safety features incorporated guaranteed that the risk of injury are kept to a minimum.

Therefore, if you would have to choose between a standard in-ground/above-ground pool for your backyard and the innovative endless pool by iPool, the multitude of advantages associated with the latter should make your decision relatively simple. At the same time, don’t forget about how much money you can save on maintenance as well as on the initial investment!

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